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Resources and Downloads

View or print brochures, data sheets and other resources by clicking the links below:

Data Sheets

STEM Education

STEM Pathways
Introduction to STEM Pathways PDFWeb page
STEM PathwaysPDFWeb page
Introduction to EngineeringPDFWeb pageVideo
Introduction to Advanced ManufacturingPDFWeb page
Introduction to 3D PrintingPDFWeb page
STEM Robotics
Robotics Engineering CurriculumPDFWeb page
Intro to Competitive RoboticsPDFWeb page
Exploring RoboticsPDFWeb page
Mechatronics with LabViewPDFWeb page
EasyC Robotics SoftwarePDFWeb pageVideo
CoderZ BrochurePDFWeb page
CoderZ FlyerPDF
Spanish PDF
Web pageVideo
STEM Curriculum - Coding RobotsPDFWeb page

Career & Technology Education

CNC MachiningPDFWeb pageVideo
CNC Machining: RouterPDFWeb page
CNC Machine: BenchMill 6000Curriculum PDF
Hardware PDF
Web page
Web page
CNC Machine: BenchTurn 7000Curriculum PDF
Hardware PDF
Web page
Web page
CNC Machine: ProMill 8000Curriculum PDF
Hardware PDF
Web page
Web page
CNC Machine: ProTurn 9000 CNCCurriculum PDF
Hardware PDF
Web page
Web page
CNC Software: CNCBase/CNCMotion Control /SimulationPDFWeb pageWeb pageVideo
CNC Software: SpectraCAD/SpectraCAM for Milling and Turning PDFWeb page
Rapid PrototypingPDFWeb page
CAD with ProEngineer from SolidworksPDFWeb page
Robotics Fundamentals and Advanced RoboticsPDFWeb page
Robotics and Materials Handling I & II (ER4U)PDFWeb pageWeb page
Robotics and Materials Handling I & II (ER9Pro)PDFWeb pageWeb page
Robotics Welding TechnologyPDFWeb page
Robotics Software (Scorbase and Robocell)PDFWeb page
Robotics H/W Robai CytonEPDFWeb page
Robotics H/W Scorbot ER4UPDFWeb page
Robotics H/W Scorbot ER9ProPDFWeb page
Robotics H/W Scorbot ER14ProPDFWeb page
Robotics H/W MotoMan MH5PDFWeb page
CIM and FMS SolutionsPDFWeb pageVideo
Computer Integrated ManufacturingPDFWeb page
Foundation SkillsPDF
Web page
Employability eContentPDF
Web page
Plastics Technology and Thermoforming eContentPDF
Web page
MSSC CPT Prep TrainingPDF
Spanish PDF
Web page
JobMaster - Industrial MaintenancePDFWeb pageVideo
JobMaster - Basic ElectricityPDFWeb page
JobMaster - Motor ControlPDFWeb page
JobMaster - Industrial PowerPDFWeb page
JobMaster - Mechanical SeriesPDFWeb page
JobMaster - Maintenance Cell JM-1600PDFWeb page
JobMaster - Electrical Control ElectronicsPDFWeb page
JobMaster Training Station (JMTS)PDF
Spanish PDF
Web page
Hydraulics TrainingPDFWeb page
Pneumatics TrainingPDFWeb page
PLC TrainingPDFWeb page
Vision Systems Technology eContentPDFWeb page
Mechanical Measurement and Quality Control eContentPDFWeb page
Process Control Learning SystemsWeb pageVideo
LearnMatePDFWeb page


Item NumberDescriptionFormatCategory
34-0000-6000BenchMill 6000 CNC Machining Center Install GuideDocumentationDocumentation
34-0000-7000BenchTurn 7000 CNC Machining Center Install GuideDocumentationDocumentation
34-0000-8000ProMill 8000 CNC Machining Center Install GuideDocumentationDocumentation
34-0000-9000ProTurn 9000 CNC Turning Center Install GuideDocumentationDocumentation
34-0001-1108CNC Accessory - Single-axis Air Vise Install GuideDocumentationDocumentation
35-ID02-LM50LearnMate 5 Server RequirementsData sheetDocumentation


LearnMate 7: Customer Information FormView Form
LearnMate Local Install FormView Form
LabVIEW License Transfer FormView Form