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BenchMill 6100 CNC Machining Center

BenchMill 6100 CNC Machining Center

Classroom-friendly benchtop machining center!

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BenchMill 6000

The BenchMill 6100 is a versatile PC-based benchtop CNC machining center that enables you to deliver robust instruction in computer numerical control and advanced manufacturing.
The BenchMill 6100 comes equipped with Ethernet-based motion control, 3-axis stepper motors, ball screws, a variable speed spindle motor, and ISO20 taper tooling.
The machine requires no assembly, arriving at your facility ready to run on an Ethernet port on a standard PC, and fits comfortably into any classroom, without sacrificing features. Like larger industrial machines, the BenchMill 6100 uses EIA, ISO, and Fanuc-compatible G&M code programs to cut parts in a variety of materials.
Intelitek’s CNCBase® control software is easy to learn. The user-friendly control software supports linear, circular, and helical interpolation, multiple tool programming, and canned cycles. This standard software gives users the ability to write and edit standard G&M code programs and geographically view the machining operation on-screen before cutting.
With available supplements like CNCMotion® full 3-D virtual simulation software, Fanuc™ control software, Fanuc™ hardware emulator and intelitek’s LearnMate® e-learning curriculum specific to the machine, the BenchMill 6100 is the perfect classroom solution, with exceptional ease-of-use, safety features and reliability.