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Heading West: Intelitek in Kansas City for SkillsUSA Championships!

Intelitek is in Kansas City this week at the SkillsUSA Championships! Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Mike Ogilvy, wanted to share our partnership with the organization and what it’s like to be on the Championship floor:

Skills USA is one of the country’s largest Career and Technical Skills Organizations, and Intelitek has been a close partner of skills USA for over 25 years.  Our involvement has grown over the years and we are pleased to help in the following major areas:

The National Leadership and Skills Conference: Intelitek is the lead sponsor in the  Automated Manufacturing Technology, Robotics and Automation, and Mobile Robotics competitions. Students from all over the United States come to compete in these areas. Many of them are either accepted into a job or post-secondary education by the time they are competing in June.

Skills Connect Assessments: 46 technical assessments and an employability virtual assessment.  Intelitek was the lead developer and hosts the assessments for Skills USA on LearnMate, our E-Learning Learning Management System.

Youth Development Foundation: The Youth Development Foundation is a separate Industry group that is responsible for Industry involvement and fund raising for SkillsUSA. Intelitek has served on this foundation for many years.

SkillsUSA is a student organization with over 310,000 members!  This organization is not just about local, state and national competitions.  This organization is about skill development for sure, but equally, if  not more important, SkillsUSA programs promote and instill leadership skills that transcend a student’s life.  These include community development, organization, and employability skills that make SkillsUSA students successes.

This week in Kansas City anyone can see that the proof is in the pudding!  In Barrtel Hall alone, there is over 18 acres and over $25,000,000.00 worth of state of the art industrial and commercial technology at the hands of the students who have come from 50 states to win a national championship.  Intelitek alone will have over $1,250,000.00 of equipment supporting over 200 students competing in team competitions.  Over all, there are over 5,000 students that will be competing for gold awards in careers from Culinary arts to Factory Automation.  To see it is to believe it, pictures can tell a story, but from one who has been active over 15 years, I can share with you each and every time I walk onto that floor, the hair goes up on my back to be part of such a great event.  The story is not about the millions of dollars of equipment on the floor, or the thousands of hours that go into making and supporting these competitions, the event for all involved each year comes to life when we engage our champions, the students.  We all hear about the problems in America.  Well each and every year we go to Kansas City, those problems go away.  We see what a great county we have, we experience the active minds of students who are leaders in their communities around the country.  We meet the skills champions!!!

Intelitek is so very proud to be a sponsor and partner of SkillsUSA.  It is part of our culture.  The purpose of this blog is to “get the word out”  share the experiences of being involved as a partner of a great organization like SkillsUSA and to tell the story from a partners eyes.

Next week we will capture pictures and share the excitement with you as we can.  Stay tuned more to come.

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