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The STEM Education Landscape: Going Green

Good news! The initiative to bolster offerings in the realm of environmental issues and green technologies is now enjoying greater momentum in US schools than ever before! Increased federal funding, stronger commitment at state agencies, and other incentives are bringing changes to the ground level at individual schools.
At Intelitek, we believe that adding green to STEM education can translate to better student outcomes. Stronger focus on renewable energy, sustainability and environmental literacy can engage students and open up opportunities they might not otherwise consider!
And once we’ve engaged the creative minds of today’s students, we won half the battle. Consider just a few of the ways green technology programs can help accomplish that:

Green programs are relevant to the everyday lives of students.
Green technology topics connect conceptual information to recognizable applications and issues: hybrid vehicles, alternative energy, conservation, etc. Learning the technologies involved in such innovations, as well as the obstacles to implementing them, highlights the value of STEM education topics. Once students’ make that connection, interests are peaked, excitement is generated and they begin to absorb high-level math and science concepts, sometimes without even realizing it.

Green programs help students see how they can make a difference.
The promise of sustainability is to improve tomorrow’s world – namely the world today’s students will inherit. When students engage in activities that demonstrate their own ability to solve problems and improve people’s lives, it excites and empowers them. Presented with the prospect of a rewarding career with the potential to shape the future, students are more likely to take ownership of their educational pathway.

Green programs draw students toward STEM related pathways and careers.
Students can easily identify the need for, appreciate the benefits of, and become intrigued by the innovations in green technology. This often inspires students to pursue a career or further education in STEM fields. Without this initial stirring of the interest, sometimes this potential might never be uncovered. It is also noteworthy that this appeal extends to girls. The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) reports that more women pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering than any other engineering discipline.

Implementing a Green Technology Program
With all these benefits, the question arises as to how to implement a Green Technology element into your educational program. Innovations in technology, pressures on school budgets and changes in legislation create challenges for educators in this evolving field. Intelitek has responded to this challenge with new green technology offerings that are scalable, enabling you to provide engaging, cost-effective green tech education at a variety of academic levels:
Our Green Technology curriculum is an excellent introductory program for the high school or middle school level. Five online courses provide students with an overview of the field, all in LearnMate’s engaging self-paced format.
For a more career-skills oriented program, the JobMaster program delivers in-demand skills for the green economy. Validated by industry through a rigorous process, JobMaster courses provide hands-on experience leading to job-ready skills. Two courses focus specifically on wind and solar power. These make excellent green tech components for high-school and post-secondary career programs!

No doubt, as we move forward, green technology will continue to be an important aspect of STEM education. At Intelitek, we are excited to continue putting innovative new solutions in your hands to help you improve student outcomes in STEM!

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